BIOCOMP 7-18-20 is an ideal fertilizer mix for root growth, fruit and vegetable production. Its high potassium content increases trees’ frost resistance. It easily supplies sulphur, a main nutrient for plants, from its own structure. BIOCOMP 7-18-20 is a potassium based fertilizer which does not contain any chlorine ingredients.


Use during either spring season or autumn season. Depending on the age of the fruit tree that is going to be fertilized, itt is recommended to use 0.5 – 1.5 kg of fertilizer into the soil that should previously been hoe dug along the tree’s drip line. Soil analysis results from a depth of 5 – 10 cm should be taken into account during soil preparation. In accordance with these results a fertilizer amount of 20 – 30 kg is recommended for vegetable farming.