BIOCOMP is an ideal organomineral fertilizer with high levels of N-P-K and natural humus.

BIOCOMP’s organic part is made of humus that contains humic acids which facilitate the intake of nutrients and provide balanced long-term nutrition for plants. Naturally this also contributes positively to the general soil structure.

Chemical fertilizers that are used for many years in soil have a negative effect on both the soil and yield. BIOCOMP fertilizers aim to prevent these chemical fertilizer effects with the help of distinctive fertilizer characteristics such as;

• Preventing barren by avoiding salinity.
• Allowing plants to absorb the entire nutrients in the soil in a balanced manner by increasing microbiological activity in the soil.
• The humus keeps all nutrients in the soil, and as a result reduces fertilizer consumption and loss.
• Balancing aeration capacity and water retention of the soil.
• Improving soil structure and supports plant root development.
• Enhancing nutrients in soil via microbiological activity.
• Enhancing soil nutrient capacity.
• Preventing sudden pH value changes in soil.
• Preventing nutrients (especially nitrogen) from being washed away by excessive rainfall and excess watering
• Preventing bond building of lime and phosphorus in soil.
• Enabling the release of fixed macro nutrients in the soil.
• Improving soil temperature to help early germination of seeds; supporting healthy and strong growth of seedlings.
• Preventing duff layer formation.
• Increasing organic matter amount (humus) in soil with annual regular use; reducing drought stress of new plants.

It is an ideal, long-lasting preparation (Leonardite based) formed by decomposition of vegetable materials under the soil for a time period of thousands of years. It supports plant growth by regulating the soil structure with humic and fulvic acids that it is containing.