About Us
1975: The private company was found by Mehmet Zahit ÜNALDI which has later been incorporated in 1985 into a joint stock company. Its first commercial activity was selling liquid foliar fertilizers that were imported by a chemical company based in İstanbul. This marketing activity was transformed into production in the year 1976.

1977: The production of a 100% locally produced liquid fertilizer with the brand name FOSKANA began.

1980: 600 tons out of the country’s annual requirement of liquid foliar fertilizer totaling 1500 tons, was supplied by our company.

1982: The 100% local, made in Turkey chelated trace element fertilizer brand FOLIAR started to be produced. The production of this cost-efficient product resulted in an annual import rate reduction of the same product group by 15-17%.

1983: The screening of moss- peat beds across Turkey began with the contribution of the Ege University (Ege Üniversitesi). The first operating license was received for the Bolu-Yençağa region which was found to be the first commercially valuable one. In this same year Turkey met moss-peat. Grass fields meeting European standards could only be finished after the introduction of moss-peat our company started to offer to the Turkish market in the year 1983.

Observations have shown that the fields treated with moss-peat had a service life of 6 to 7 seasons; whereas the fields made with conventional methods of cutting grass and using organic animal fertilizers hardly ever lasted one season. Since its introduction to the market, moss-peat has become the mediocre used in the germination of hybrid seeds and the basis of the development of seedling-sapling-hybrid seed production in Turkey.

90’s: The development of agriculture and greenhouse growing in Turkey has led to developments in drip irrigation and fertilization systems, which resulted in new fertilizer needs.

Our company officially began producing Turkey's first domestic drip fertilizer on 31/08/1990 in line with the recommendation and controls of the Ege University (Ege Üniversitesi) Faculty of Agriculture. This domestic production has been inspiring to other companies and helpful in stopping the importation of foreign based drip fertilizer products.

1994: The need for increasing number of green fields was emerging as a result of improvement in cities, tourism and sports facilities. This need channeled us to produce and market GH GRASS, our specially formulated grass fertilizer. GH GRASS is also the first domestically produced grass fertilizer in Turkey.

Since this date, our company has set environmental awareness and sensitive agriculture as its R&D focus area, began preparing its soil structure improving products.

1997: Since the research of the benefits of humic acids used as soil conditioners for plant development has shown positive results, it has been decided to import a product with these characteristics which was found in Germany.

1999: A partnership with the German humic acids and related product producer has been formed.

2000: Taking the needs of grass fields into consideration, we started to produce and market a new product named BIO GRASS which was containing 50% of organic substances.

The idea of coating chemical fertilizers with organic substances came up during ongoing research and as a result, R&D started to focus in that direction. This research soon resulted in the development of BIOCOMP, an organic substance coated chemical fertilizer.